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You Will Be Shocked At What YOU Can Accomplish!


This Book Can & WILL Change Your Life!

Do You Realize That Most People:

Don't understand what's expected of them in the workplace!

Don't know how to best present themselves and their skills!

Don't realize the things they do to hold themselves back!

Are Never Taught The Most Important Skills They Need!

& Most Important:

Most people don't know how to reach their true potential!


Are You Having Trouble Getting What You Want Out Of Life?

Is Your Lifestyle Making You Unhappy or Unfulfilled?

Are You Frustrated With Your Lack Of Progress In Your Life?

Has Your Career Stalled or Are You Unhappy With Your Job?

Is Success Avoiding You & You Don't Know Why?

You're Not Alone! Many People Have The Same Feelings Every Day!


One of the biggest problems facing us today is learning certain information that is not usually taught in schools today. We spend millions of dollars teach our children and adults how to DO a certain job or occupation but almost nothing about HOW they should use this knowledge in the real world! It's amazing that we spend all our resources on learning and almost nothing on implementation. The result of this is that millions of people are not moving ahead in their jobs or careers because THEY JUST DON'T KNOW HOW! Just think of this: Millions of people want to do better for themselves and they try very hard each and every day. Yet, most of these people fail to achieve their dreams. Why do you think that is? This is because of one simple fact:

All The Desire In The World Will Not Help You If Your Efforts Are Misplaced!

Years ago I was going through a "dry spell" where not only could I not advance my career, I fell victim to "corporate downsizing" a few times. I tried hard, did good work, but could never seem to get anywhere despite my best efforts. I knew I had the skills, I just couldn't get things to go right. After countless courses, seminars, and books, I was pretty discouraged. 

This lead to an in-depth study that has lasted over 13 years! I started out looking for the most common reasons that people failed to achieve their own dreams and success. As each question was answered, more questions kept popping up. Now 13 years later, the end result was a way of looking at work and careers that will change the way you view your future!

The basics of this "view on life" were in place 8 years ago when I had a job interview for a job I really wanted. I decided to take this "new view" and use it in my interview. The results were amazing! Not only did I get the job, but later my new boss told me that I impressed him so much, he couldn't even remember anyone he interviewed but me after he got back to the office! This was in stark contrast to the "no second interview" results of my past.

Using my new approach and plan, I entered my new job and went from new hire to employee of the year in my first year on the job! I received two raises the first year and was now making more money that I had ever made before! I was not working harder, I was just working smarter! Most of the frustration and stress I had for the past 10 years was just gone! The best part was that I had more time and energy for my family and other things!

I learned How To:

  • Identify What I needed To Do & The Best Way To Do It

  • Create The Very Best Impression Possible In The Eyes Of Others!

  • Create An Environment That Helped Me Move Closer To What I Wanted Even When I Didn't Do Anything Myself!

  • Identify The Obstacles Placed In Front Of Me & Turn Them Into Opportunities!

  • Accomplish More In Less Time & With Much Less Effort

  • Reduce The Daily Stress That Was Making Me Tired & Irritable

  • Do More Of What I liked & Less Of The Things I Disliked.

Since then I have used this information countless times to increase my earnings, start my own business, and manage the rest of my life. I have taught this to my children and they are both honor students and good kids. My relationships are better and I am looked up to by co-workers and those around me! I owe all this to a different way of looking at things. 

I discovered that in order to become successful in your own eyes, you can't rely on willpower and just your own efforts. You need something that will work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I took my newly found information and developed a system that will actually grab you and pull your towards your goals! It will work for you constantly, whether you awake or asleep. I found out very early on that no matter how hard you try, your efforts just sometimes are not enough. That's why this works so well. It takes several little factors and puts them together to form a very powerful tool for you to use. I called this process my "Success Tornado" because like a tornado, it takes little things and merges them into a powerful force. The entire process is explained in great detail in "Dollars & Uncommon Sense!"

Do You Want:

  • More Stability in Your Life?

  • More Fulfillment & Less Day To Day Stress?

  • Accomplish More With The Same Or Less Effort?

  • To Make Your Life More Rewarding To You & Your Family?

  • A Sense of Well-Being and Contentment?

Life and success is all about having options. This program and the information contained in it will help you create a wealth of options for you. It will open new doors for you, expose you to new opportunities, and give you the ability to do more of what you want in life. It will help you do things now that will help you for the rest of your life!

Do you realize that your earnings NOW control your future earnings? If you stay in your current position, your salary now is what you future raises will be based upon. If you get a new job, your new salary will be in relation to your current salary! If I could show you how you could EASILY increase your earning power by just $5,000 a year, do you know how much more you could earn in your lifetime? If you increase your income $5,000 at age 25 you would likely earn an additional $376,954 over your career! If you're 40, you could earn an extra $ 182,284!!! That is based on only a $5,000 increase with annual increases of a very conservative 3%. You would probably do even better than this example!

Learn How To Increase Your Salary & Earning Potential By

  • Avoiding The Most Common Mistakes Most People Make In Their Careers!

  • Learning What People & Employers Really Want & Expect From You!

  • Learning How To "Jump Start" A Stalled or Stagnant Career

  • How To Create The Most Value In What You Do!

I started out to write a 100-150 page book on how to change your life and grab the success you want. By the time I finished, I had put together over 400 pages of life changing information and material. Not 400 pages of graphs and pictures, but over 400 pages and 150,000 words of real, down to earth information!!  This is powerful information that will enable you to take control of your life and create the lifestyle that YOU want in your life! The end result was our newest and most informative publication yet! We call it:

How would you like to:

Earn More Money Than You Are Now?
Work Easier & Accomplish More?
Do More of What You Like In Life?
Create The Lifestyle YOU Want?
Get More Out Of Life?
Reduce Stress and Be Happier?

Everyone can do this. Everyone has the right to live the life that they want! No one should have to settle for less than they deserve. No one is too young or too old to benefit from this information. It's never too early or too late to start creating your new lifestyle!

If you are a:

  • Parent - you want your children to read this book. This book will tell them what they need to know BEFORE they go out in the world or decide on there path in life. Anyone is High School can benefit from this book.

  • Owner or Manager- you want each and every employee to read this book so they will know what you and your company are looking for in an employee.

  • Employee - you need to read this book so you can understand what you need to do to start making your life better and more fulfilling. This book will show you what people are looking for in others and how you can make the greatest gains in life with the smallest effort.

  • Small Business Owner - you need to read this book to find out how to effectively communicate and form solid and long lasting relationships with others. You will also learn how to grow business with less effort.

  • Student - You need the skills outlined in this book because THESE ARE SKILLS THAT ARE NOT TAUGHT IN HIGH SCHOOL OR COLLEGE! If you don't learn them now, you will waste valuable time, effort, and money, not to mention losing valuable time getting the most out of your career!

This information is written in a very easy to understand manner that will be enjoyable and interesting to everyone. It is a wonderful resource that you will turn to again and again. I have decided to offer this publication in E-Book format and make it affordable to anyone who would benefit from it. It requires Adobe Acrobat to view the book (you can get a free Adobe viewer at and you will be able to print out the entire book or just the sections you want!

This book "Failure Is NOT An Option!" is available now for just $15.95 and is available via Instant Download so you can start reading the book right after you order your copy! To order your copy by check or credit card on a secure server, just click on the button below.


Get your copy of "Success Strategies For Career-Oriented Individuals!" now for only $15.95! 

Please make sure you hit the "continue" link after you have completed payment. This will take you to the download link page. If you should experience any problems with the process, please e-mail us at and we will address all problems quickly.