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I don't know what's worse, being stuck in a dead end job or going to work each day knowing that what you do is not rewarding or fulfilling to you in the least. While you might think you are alone, millions of people start each day by realizing they are not happy with their current job or career.

For High School and College students, they find themselves full of "book knowledge" but lacking the skills and information to implement what they have learned. Even more important, they have little idea how to move ahead successfully in life and to make the most out of their potential. Personally, I feel that not living up to one's potential is the saddest thing of all. Imagine someone with the aptitude and skills necessary to cure a deadly disease or bring technology to the next level only to waste that gift by failing to do what they needed to do early in life!

Or, even more tragic, if the person who stays in a dead end job they hate because they lack the ability to move on to something better. There is no greater loss than to spend one's life doing something you dislike. 

The reality is, however, that none of this has to take place. The road to prosperity and happiness is an easy one to travel if you have some very basic skills and become aware of some very easy to understand concepts.

The very first thing most people need to understand is that THEY have to control their lives. Bosses and co-workers will not look out for your best interests, they have their own careers and jobs to take care of. Teachers and counselors are all torn between helping their students and promoting programs and policies which benefit their school. Very often student interests take a "abck seat" to the interests of the school! 

Over the past few years we have received comments from the people who have purchased our training manuals. Some asked questions but most of the comments involved stress and dissatisfaction in their jobs. These people wanted to know why they were having trouble advancing their careers and improving their lives.  As more and more of these comments came in, we realized that this was a more common problem than we first realized and we started to look into it.

Here Are Some Alarming Facts:

  • The Skills People Need To Become Success In Their Thoughts & Habits Are NOT Taught In Our Schools and Universities! Yet These Simple Skills & Techniques Are Extremely Easy To Learn!

  • Poor Decisions Early In Life Can Have Devastating Effects On a Person's Future!

  • Mistakes Made In Career Preparation or Choice Can Set Back Lifetime Earnings Dramatically!

  • The Longer Someone Waits To Correct A Problem, The Harder It is To Do So!

  • Most Important: The More Stress or Unhappiness A Person Has, The Shorter Their Expected Life Span!

Over the last few years we looked at the different factors that people like you and I are exposed to every day. We looked at the business world, society in general, and our education system. We also looked back into our own lives and examined situations that we went through and how they might apply to this subject. What we found was very interesting.

  • Simple Yet Effective Changes Can Be Made Quickly & Easily Yet Have Powerful Results!

  • No Special Education, College Degree, or Experience Is Required To Make Life Long Changes!

  • Learn One SIMPLE Change You Can Do TODAY That Will Bring Immediate Results!

We discovered that most people, even though they wanted to increase their earnings or improve their career, had little or no knowledge on how to go about it! They also had no real idea why they were unhappy or what they wanted to do with their lives. They thought they did, but they really didn't. Most surprising was that almost everyone who felt trapped or "stuck" in their careers lacked one very important bit of knowledge.

What we discovered very early on is that most of the time effort was not the problem. The problem was that people simply were never taught the simple life skills they needed to become success. In this respect, our education system had failed them!

We also realized that people needed to create a system that would not rely on willpower or continuous effort. Willpower is a myth and continuous effort will wear you out in no time flat. What we needed was a system that would guide us to our goals and "pull us along" when we lost a little motivation.

Willpower is a MYTH. Continuous effort will wear you out in no time. 

We developed a system that will accomplish all  of this and more! It will not only guide you and move you toward your goals, it will work for you 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week! It requires no advanced degrees, special skills, or unique talents! Virtually anyone can get phenomenal results using the information in this book! Most important, when you follow the system, after a while it becomes habit and the entire process becomes automatic! It's like having success on "co-pilot"!

We decided a publication based on this subject would be a good fit for our site and our visitors. We set out with the intention of writing a 100 page publication outlining what people needed to know and giving them direction on how to accomplish it. Well, by the time we were finished, our book, "Failure Is NOT An Option" was over 400 pages long! These are 400+ pages of information, not pages of charts and graphs! This is by far the most in-depth and complete publication we have ever offered!

The book is written in the same style of our other publications and is very easy to read and understand. It is written so everyone can get results quickly and easily. You can start from the beginning, skip to the middle, or read it however you want depending on your individual needs. It will provide you with everything you need to get your career and life moving in the right direction!

This book will show you:

  • The skills and thought processes that no one teaches in school

  • The common mistakes almost everyone makes in life

  • What employers look for in employees, consultants, and other people.

  • What society looks for in it's people.

  • The roadblocks that exist around everyone that keep you from achieving your best!

  • How to create an environment that will make it easy to get what you want out of life!

  • and much, much, more!

This book is available in E-Book format and requires an Adobe Acrobat reader (you can get one free at http://www.adobe.com) to view it. You can print out the entire book or just the sections you want. Use it as a reference tool as you need it. 

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