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When Opportunity Knocks.......

   Grab An Advantage Over Other Job Applicants! Get The Skills That Make YOU More Desirable & Help You With Interviews! 
Learn How To Get Others To Accept Your Recommendations and Ideas!

Customer Service Training - When Opportunity Knocks!


Are you:

  • Looking for a new job?

  • Looking for a better job?

  • Looking to start a new career?

  • First time job seeker?

  • Being Downsized or already been laid-off?

  • Trying to re-enter the marketplace after an extended leave?

  • Trying For A Promotion?

  • Having Trouble Getting Others To Accept Your Ideas?

   If so, you must be aware that the job market has changed and that yesterday's skills just don't cut it anymore. Competition is more intense than at anytime in the past and only those who understand this will be successful! It is not uncommon for thousands of people to apply for a single open position! 

    This is especially true during the past few years through today with the dramatic increase in corporate downsizing, the transferring of jobs overseas, and the continuing trend of using machines to do assembly and other tasks!
    I believe the question everyone is asking themselves is not; "How can I get a better job " but rather;
"How can I separate my self from the rest of the applicants?"

   In the mid 90's I was in the same position as many of you may be today. I went on interview after interview without success. I thought I did well but no one was making my phone ring off the hook with job offers.

   After one interview, I was feeling pretty down. I saw a very good ad in the paper for what seemed like the perfect job for me. I wanted to make sure that this interview went well. While I was preparing for the interview, as I had done for all the others, an idea just "unrolled itself" in my head! It was a totally different approach than I had tried before but I thought it would work.

   I went on the interview and got the job! Even better, my new boss told me after I was hired that he couldn't even remember any of the other applicants when the interview was over, just me! At that moment I knew I had hit on something BIG! Today you just CAN'T go in to the job market with yesterdays skills. Your chances for success will be virtually nil!

   Other have used this method since with great results! Because of this, I placed the entire process in E-Book form and have made it available to my web visitors! You can be ready to implement this system almost immediately! No additional costs are involved and it will work on any job from janitor to CEO! There are no special skills involved! If you have the qualifications for the job you're applying for, that's all you need!

   Another common problem some people have is that no one takes them seriously or considers their ideas and recommendations. that is because we have failed to create the proper impression with other people that our ideas, thoughts, and opinions have merit and should be considered! These same skills can help anyone get more credit, more visibility, and increase the chances that their ideas will be considered!

Learn How To:

  • Write a powerful Resume that will grab attention!

  • Prepare and ACE your first interview!

  • Create an impression that will last long after you've gone!

  • Follow-up easily and effectively!

  • Avoid common mistakes most other people make time after time!

  • Market & Promote Your Ideas To Get Others To Take You Seriously!

   Don't settle for a job you don't like. More important, don't let a perfect opportunity go by the wayside because you have yesterdays skills! Get a copy of this e-book and start your way to a better and more rewarding career!


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"Marketing Yourself" Handbook,
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New Manuals


Customer Service Training for Health Care Professionals

Learn how to create the ultimate patient experience for all your patients!

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Customer Service Training


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Customer Service
Certificate Program


Service Technicians
Certificate Program


Call Center Agent Certificate Program




Customer Service Basics


Customer Service Recovery Skills


Conflict Resolution Skills


Customer Service for Frontline Personnel


Great Customer Service Over the Telephone!


Customer Service Training for Service Technicians


Customer Service Training for Managers and Spervisors


How To Interact
With All Types of Customers


Enhancing the Customer Experience

Take Your Training With You Wherever You Go!

Most CSTI Customer Service Manuals are available from the Amazon Kindle Bookstore! That means you can download our manuals into your Kindle or IPAD and take your training
with you!


Certificate Programs In Customer Service Training
Certificates are a great way to show people you have invested your time and resources into Customer Service. Certificates let your customers know that you truly care about their experience and in providing the best service you possible can. Certificates are also an impressive part of any portfolio, resume or employment application! Showcase Your Achievement with a full color certificate upon successful completion of the course! All courses are written in an easy to follow and understand format! No experience or special education required!

Customer Service Certification Program 
Get a collection of our best selling Customer Service Training modules as well as a full color certificate of completion suitable for framing to show your customers you care! Instant downloads get you started FAST!

Customer Service Training by CSTI
A Certificate From CSTI Is A Great Addition To Any Resume or Job Application! It Is Also A Great Item To Hang On Your Office or Store Wall For All To See! Show People You Care!

Certificate Program In Call Center Agent Training
If you are planning to pursue a career as a Call Center Agent, this course will give you the information & skills you require to become a world class agent. Ideal for pre-employment training as well as improving existing skills!

Read The Materials & 
Then Take One of Our On-Line Tests . 
You'll find out your grade immediately!

It's Fast & Easy!

Certificate Program for Service Technicians!
In order to achieve high customer satisfaction, it is not enough just to fix the equipment. You have to "fix the customer" as well! Learn how to take service to the next level quickly and easily!

Get a FULL Color Certificate When You Successfully Complete The Course! It's suitable for framing and a great addition to any wall!


Instant Download & CD-ROM-Based 
Customer Service Training Modules

New Release!
Observation Selling!
Learn how to take communication and Customer Service skills and apply them to your sales processes. Learn how to create larger sales, convert more customers into buyers and increase revenue without having to increase customers! Over 100 pages of powerful yet easy to implement processes and information designed to get results fast! No prior sales experience required to use these powerful techniques!
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New Release!
How To Thrive In ANY Economy!
Even in a poor economy there are opportunities for people who know what to do and how to go about doing it. Learn how to protect yourself from layoff, secure new opportunities, and bring security and stability into your life easily! Over 400 pages of easy to understand and implement information and tools. A must for anyone concerned about or impacted by the current economy.
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Trainer's Package!

Get two PowerPoint Presentations: "Training the Trainer" & "Unlocking the Keys To Great Customer Service" plus trainer and participant manuals and a group license for 25 participants all for one low price!
Everything on an easy to use CD-ROM!

Enhancing The Customer Experience
On Sale Now!!!! Limited Time Offer!!

Learn what it means and what it takes to become totally customer-focused. Learn how to quickly and effectively turn your business into a truly customer-focused business.  

Customer Service Master Manual Set

9 of our most popular manuals and publications designed to give you a complete education in both basic and advanced Customer Service Training techniques and applications.
Everything on one easy to use CD-ROM!

Customer Service 

The basics of Customer Service Training to teach you skills or refresh existing skills. A perfect entry level or starter manual. Also perfect for review

Customer Service For 
Frontline Personnel

A manual designed for service people in all industries and occupations. Learn how to increase  satisfaction and make your job less stressful.

Customer Service For 
Service Technicians!

A manual designed for service technicians, engineers, and other service or repair occupations. Learn how to improve satisfaction and increase profits!

Conflict Resolution!

What do you do when things go wrong? Let this manual take you step by step and show you how to resolve problems and minimize their negative effects on your business. These skills are a must for anyone in Customer Service!

Customer Service 

Very often how we react after things go bad can be the difference between losing a customer and gaining one for life! Let us show you how to keep your people coming back again and again! These skills are a must for all!

How To Interact With Any Kind Of Customer

Learn how to treat people properly and determine which course of action to take to get the maximum result. Different people require different approaches!

Advanced Customer 
Service Skills!

Take your Customer Service skills and performance to a higher level with these advanced skills manuals. Get Conflict Resolution, Customer Service Recovery, and How To Interact With Any Kind of Customer for one special low price!

Using The Telephone For 
Great Customer Service!

Learn how to interact with people over the phone properly and effectively. Learn how to increase sales,  satisfaction, and keep people coming back again, and again, and again! A must for businesses of all shapes and sizes!

7 Days To Great 
Customer Service!

Learn how to implement a plan designed to make it easy to take your new customer service skills and put them to use in your job! This program is FREE with any manual purchase!

Download Manual Set Special Offer!

Get a special collection of our most popular titles in one great collection and get them all for a very special low price!
This is a limited time offer so order your set NOW!

Customer Service Training 
Certificate Program!

Get a collection of our best selling Customer Service Training manuals as well as a full color certificate of completion suitable for framing to show your customers you care!

Call Center Agent Training

Prepare yourself for achieving optimum performance in one of the most challenging and rewarding customer service jobs out there today. Get the basic and advanced skills you need to be at your best in this great career!

Success Strategies

Management Series Publication

Career Enhancement / Advancement

How To Thrive In ANY Economy!

Even in a poor economy there are opportunities for people who know what to do and how to go about doing it. Learn how to protect youself from layoff, secure new opportunities, and bring security and stability into your life easily!

Customer Service Training For Managers & Supervisors

Discover how you can lead the Customer Service experience for your staff and team! Learn how to institute training and change outlooks, focus areas, and improve the performance of your department and staff!

When Opportunity Knocks

To get the most out of life, we have to be prepared when opportunities present themselves. To get that dream job or promotion we have to learn how to make sure we're ready and others KNOW IT! Success might not be that easy, but failure is much, much harder!

Re-Entering The Workplace
Millions of people are returning to the workplace later in life. For these people the task may seem difficult or at least intimidating. 
 This E-Book will give you the knowledge and action plan you need to gain an advantage over others and be successful!

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Enhancing The Customer Experience

Learn what it means and what it takes to become totally customer-focused. Learn how to quickly and effectively turn your business into a truly customer-focused business. Best of all, learn how to do this in a very cost-effective and easy fashion.
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How To Thrive In ANY Economy!
Even in a poor economy there are opportunities for people who know what to do and how to go about doing it. Learn how to protect yourself from layoff, secure new opportunities, and bring security and stability into your life easily! Over 400 pages of information and tools. 
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Our Customer Service Training Modules Will Show You:

  • Why you may never know what you did, or are still doing wrong!

  • How to dramatically reduce the cost of resolving problems and complaints!

  • The key words to avoid at all cost! (and we all use them each and every day!)

  • What to NEVER say to a customer!

  • Common practices we think are good but send customers away in droves!

  • Steps to take to make yourself more valuable to your business or to your company!

  • How to quickly and easily become customer focused!

  • How to give everyone more of what they want without increasing costs!

  • Most important: How you can reduce your daily stress almost immediately!


Everyone Can Benefit From Improved Customer Service Skills!

Business Owners -  Give your employees the Customer Service Training that they need to maximize their performance,  sell more products, and become more productive. Accomplish this in a very cost-effective way without having any employee miss time from work! An inexpensive yet very effective way to train your employees on service!
Employees Upgrade your service training skills and become more productive and more valuable to your employer! Prepare yourself for career advancement by possessing service skills many others don't have!
Students -  Get the Customer Service Training you need before starting your first job! Get the jump on the competition by learning the Service skills they don't teach in school! Be prepared when that opportunity presents itself!
Unemployed? - Make yourself more marketable and valuable by getting the Service skills that are most in demand by employers today! Give yourself the edge over your competition! Prospective employers want people that know how to treat people & increase revenue! Be that person!

DON'T WAIT!!! It Has Never Been Easier To Get Customer Service Training Skills!
In just  an hour, you can be on your way to a much more secure and less stressful future with higher pay and increased job security! Best of all, it's easy to improve your Customer Service skills, and you can do it in the comfort of your own home and within your schedule! The hardest part is taking the first step. Once you do that, the rest is easy! 

"I Went From New Employee To Employee of the Year  In ONE YEAR  Using 
The Exact Information & Techniques Featured Here! It Was So Easy!"

Good Customer Service Training doesn't cost money,
it MAKES you money!


Take Your Training "On The Go" with a Kindle or I-Pad!

For those of you who travel or spend a lot of time commuting, why not broaden your ability to train, keep up on journals and manuals, and enjoy your favorite books at the same time? CSTI Manuals are available from Amazon Kindle Book Store and you can also use them on I-Pads as well!

You can do that and more with a Kindle Book Reader! Kindle Book readers are able to read PDF files so you can red our training manuals as well as service manuals as well as your favorite bestsellers! It truly brings total flexibility to your reading enjoyment!

To get more information (and the best prices!) on Kindle Readers, 



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Special Offer!

Special Offer on Customer Service Traqining from CSTI


Get a FREE Customer Service Training E-Book to help you improve your Customer Service Skills in order to take your customer's experience to the next level and beyond! It's free and you will get to download it instantly!
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  Customer Service Certificate Program
 Receive A Handsome Certificate To Display Upon Completion 

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Do YOU Have The Skills You NEED To Do Your Very Best &
 Prepare Yourself For The Opportunities That Lie Ahead?

Quality Customer Service Training Need Not Be Expensive!
Our Easy To Use & Cost Effective Customer Service Training Will Quickly Improve Your
 Customer Satisfaction Ratings, & Keep Your Customers Coming Back To You Again & Again!


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More Information

Customer Service Training Packages, 
Group Training, & Corporate Training 

Customer Service Certificate Program

A complete course in Customer Service with a Certificate of Completion when you're done! A perfect way to show your customers that you care enough about their needs to take the time to learn how to best serve their needs!

Large Group Training Resources!

We offer licensing plans for any size group! Get quality Customer Service Training for far less than you would think possible! Personalized manuals for large users!

The Real Cost Of Training

Discover what the value of Customer Service Training really is to you and your company. Discover what will happen if you don't invest in Customer Service Training and improve your skills now!

Bookmark our New Location!

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Corporate Customer Service Training Resources!
Bring Our Customer Service Training To Your Employees!
Train-The-Trainer Manuals     -     Trainer's Manuals     -     Student Workbooks
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Do You Need to Train a Large Group of People? 
We offer group licensing plans for any size group! Get quality Customer Service Training 
at lower costs through group licensing! 

 Personalized content available for large users. 
For more information, please

Direct Customer Service Training Manual Product Links:

Customer Service Basics

Customer Service Recovery

Customer Service Conflict Resolution

Customer Service Training for Service Technicians

Customer Service Training for Frontline Personnel

Customer Service Training for Managers

How To Interact With Any Type of Customer

Using The Telephone for Great Customer Service

Success Strategies

When Opportunity Knocks

Observation Selling


Customer Service Training Resources

Technician Training

Customer Service Training

Audio Based Training

Customer Service Training Books

Customer Service Training Courses

Customer Service Training Manuals

Customer Service Tools

Kindle Wireless Book Readers


A Brand NEW Customer Service Training Resource!

There is a brand new website, created by one of our authorized distributors, that is a great source of all kinds of Customer Service Training resources and products (even ours!) At this site you can find books, videos, audios and all kinds of products, all related to Customer Service Training. Product reviews and commentary make this a great site to visit and bookmark as well!

Go To The Customer Service Mall!

If you are Looking for Other Types of Training, 
check Out This Directory of
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At The Customer Service Training Institute, we are all about success! Our Customer Service Training
 manuals will help you bring the very best Customer Service Skills to your job and your company!

"Get Your Customer Service Training From The Customer Service Training Experts"

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